Wild Energy – How’s Your Nervous System Right Now?

Jul 31, 2020Boundaries, Cultivating Personal Power

In recent weeks I’ve sensed some really fast-paced shifts and changes in the flow of consciousness, projections and demand for our energy out there. Have you felt it too? Like, every minute there is a tempo change and suddenly the beat has changed from a 4/4 barn dance to 150 BPM hard house track, and then back to a waltz. And my nervous system has flipped out and my body is mounting a survival response to try and keep me safe from the uncertainly. I’ve experienced a fairly wild anxiety loop as a result and I wanted to share how I have been navigating it, in the hope that it may help you too.

I’ve been reflecting on two pieces – one, energetic boundaries, and two, choosing nourishment over lack. It’s what my mentors have helped me remember.

In this recent experience, it has been helpful to use the anchor of choosing what nourishes me, and not what deprives me. In other words, what brings me more love, and what pushes me into lack. It’s as straightforward as that. My resistance to what nourishes me has been the linchpin I’ve been pulling at in order to release myself from this anxiety loop – allow me to explain…

Before I keep going, I want to share a little bit more about what has been going on in my body. The old chestnut of stress-induced fight/flight/fawn response has been reawakened in my nervous system by the erratic energy I’ve sensed, and my body (bless it) went into protection mode. It’s a well-worked circuit in my system, and I’m glad it’s there to keep me physically safe, but I’m reprogramming it to respond more intelligently through my conscious directives. 

My system has been craving sugar, caffeine and distraction as fuel and balm which of course is not sustaining, and deprives me of true sustained nourishment and the experience of love. But why would I keep on choosing the sugar and the caffeine if I KNOW it doesn’t make me feel good? The fear of change (change could mean worse, right?!) was getting really large and no longer logical. My body was trying to tell me that the track I was on was not sustainable and it was time to change it.

So I chose to look at the stress experience this time using the anchor of the ability to choose moment-to-moment what nourishes me. I felt a massive amount of fear and resistance to change. And I was experiencing fatigue. But I knew I couldn’t sustain this state any more. I created space in a moment using my breath. I reminded myself that my physical safety was and is not in danger. I reflected back on the choices I had made recently and could see that every choice towards lack leeched another piece of my power out. When I chose things that nourish me – like drinking water, stepping out on the grass, reading a book and speaking with a dear sister or brother, the intensity and duration of the stress on my system dissipated and I felt my system settle. And so I repeated and repeated that every time I felt it rise up again. 

One of the main instigators of this whole experience for me has been the way I have consumed social media and my participation with the content on social media, which leads me to the piece on energetic boundaries. There are some things/people/places that we can’t just cut out of our lives so readily. So we need to figure out a way to co-exist without necessarily engaging with it/them, or reshaping the relationship we have with it/them and the power we give to it/them.

It is my continual daily practice to reaffirm my personal energetic boundaries and declare what is and is not permitted in my field, and to clear out what debris may be stuck in my field that I am consciously or unconsciously aware of that is not for my highest and best expression. It’s been a massive reset and reminder for me that in each moment our bodies are trying to keep us safe AND we have the ability to choose what nourishes us over and over and choose to continue to learn from the experience. I hope it has supported you in some way too.

Sending you so much sovereign love,



P.S. If you’re a coaching client of mine, I’m compiling a super special repository of all the tools, rituals, practices and resources I use in my personal daily work and life for you to have access to! It’s going to be EPIC. 20+ years of collecting, testing and implementing in my own life for you to benefit from as well. Stay tuned!

Lisa Kotz

Lisa Kotz

Life & Self-Sovereignty Coach

I work with spirit-led womxn (just like you!) who are ready to claim their sovereignty, lead with feminine wisdom and be of service, moving through the world with courage and discernment.

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