Scorpio + Rose Quartz

Oct 24, 2019Astrological Seasons, Channels, Crystal Insights

Scorpio + Rose Quartz – October 23rd – November 21st

Scorpio provides a potent time to dive headfirst into the watery depths of the mysteries of the cosmos. There is a heightened sense of wanting to go deeper, and deeper into the dark caverns of uncharted territory within our own being which is both incredibly alluring and exciting on one hand, while requiring courage and resilience on the other. The drive to keep on moving forward into the mystery is what really inspires the Scorpionic heart! The desire to probe and go where most daren’t is reward by itself.

We have the invitation with Scorpio now to go deep and embark on an alchemical journey into depths of ourselves. Even though we may not be able to see or know what is ahead of us, it is with this divine shamanic energetic support that we trust and are guided. Often the courage of trusting the process and the path toward the unknown and going forward anyway reveals the gold. What is required of is though, as we go down into the depths of ourselves is the shedding of that which we are carrying, but no longer require. Are you ready to let go of what does not serve you in order to transform into your golden self?

Even though the journey to the underworld may feel solitary, you are never truly alone. Rose Quartz has come forth this season to remind you of the unwavering and unlimited light of the temple that resides within your own heart! The quartz that holds the frequency of divine, unconditional love is truly abundant in the field right now. All you have to do to access it is say YES! Open your heart, and let Rose Quartz infuse your being with your own sacred essence – the receiving of self-reflective love. No matter where you are, how deep below ground you are, or what happens around you, there is always the temple light of your own divine heart holding the flame and showing the way. This light is your compass, your anchor and the codex keeper of the heart.

Working with Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has offered a very special way of working with her in order to support you with deep personal transitions and the shedding of layers that are old and no longer needed. She, along with Gaia offer to collaborate with you in a very powerful way. Enter into this collaboration with an open heart, full presence, intention and with courage as the journey may not be smooth, nor as you imagined! But trust that you are held in the most loving embrace and that your own personal gold will be waiting for you on the other side.

Allow Rose Quartz to present to you – it may be a piece you already have, a gift or one that speaks to you in a store. This stone will be returned to Gaia. Spend time with it either during meditation or sleeping with it under your pillow for a few nights with the intention to share with it what is on your heart, what you need to release and desire to discover more about the mystery of yourself. Take the time to build relationship with this stone, like you would a new friend, or an old friend you haven’t seen for a while.

When it feels right – this could be by way of an inner knowing, after dreaming, during meditation or any other way your intuition communicates to you – take the Rose Quartz outside to somewhere in nature. This could be in your own yard or another significant place that you feel connected to.

Take the time to sit quietly with Gaia, the Rose Quartz and your breath, and with every breath opening your heart and connecting with the earth below you.

Offer prayers of gratitude for the Rose Quartz, Gaia and your own sacred heart and the courage you have to be here now, doing this work for yourself and the planet. Open your heart wider, and allow yourself to receive the beautiful, nourishing connection from Gaia.

When it feels right, again, checking in with your intuition and with Gaia, select a place to bury the Rose Quartz in a place that it won’t be disturbed. As you bury the stone, you are planting it within the body of Gaia – anchoring the frequency of self-reflective love and the intention to know true self  into the crystalline grid. As you journey into the depths of your own being, it may feel like you too are buried and in the dark, but know that the temple light of your heart is there with you in the depths, always. Know that you are held, nourished, protected and loved by Gaia in all ways, always.

Let go of all expectations and ideas about what the journey may look like or feel like, as well as any outcomes you think you should achieve. Trust that indeed the process is happening and the highest, most divine alignments will present themselves in the perfect moment.


Lisa Kotz

Lisa Kotz

Life & Self-Sovereignty Coach

I work with spirit-led womxn (just like you!) who are ready to claim their sovereignty, lead with feminine wisdom and be of service, moving through the world with courage and discernment.

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