Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on healing method to help you shift unwanted stagnant energetic patterns that can impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Shifting of this stagnant patterning makes way for deeper knowing and experience of your whole self which is healthful, vital and from the place of truth. Rei – ki meaning life force – energy as the system of healing.

Life force energy flows through all things and is the innate intelligence of your body, of the Earth and of creation. Like the force of gravity, life force energy is present and all around us, is invisible to our eyes but nonetheless is very important and real for our health and state of balance.


I am trained in the Tanran tradition of Reiki and can trace my lineage back to Mikao Usui, the founder of the Reiki system of healing.

Reiki is for you if


  • you are in constant ‘action’ mode and feel burnt out and exhausted
  • you desire energetic support for your health conditions
  • your mind is on overdrive & experience feelings of anxiety
  • you are drawn to Reiki and have been getting nudges from the universe to receive it
  • you want to deepen your connection with your subtle bodies, source energy and your innate spiritual gifts

What you can expect in your Reiki session


Reiki is a non-invasive gentle healing technique where I channel Reiki or life force energy via my hands to your body. The energy and your body have innate intelligence – hence Reiki will flow to wherever it is needed in your field.

Reiki works to remove and clear any energetic blocks built up in the body, both in the physical and subtle energy bodies.

All you need to do is hold your healing intention in your heart and be open to receive and allow the flow of Reiki.

You are lying comfortably on the healing bed in loose, comfortable clothing, eyes gently closed, held in a container of unconditional love & anchored by the forces of our Great Mother, Gaia.

Each person’s healing is unique and the healing session with you will be tailored to your individual needs and intentions. I may also incorporate the use of crystals, meditation and vibrational medicines in your healing session such as sound.

We will work on relaxing your physical body, clearing and rebalancing the major chakras (energy centers in the body) to restore the natural flow and alignment.

Opening to Reiki can make way for profound healing to occur in all areas of your life.

The Inside The Prism healing space is located near Maitland in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia. The exact address will be given upon booking.

Maitland is approx. 30 minute drive north-west of Newcastle and 2 hours drive north of Sydney.

60 minute Reiki energy healing sessions available for $90 AUD

My session with Lisa was extraordinary. I had a profound shift during the session and a life changing transformation in the days following the session. Thank you Lisa! You’re amazing.

Bernadette O'Connor

Author, Kinesiologist & Speaker,

Lisa Kotz is an authentic, strong, insightful woman. Her devotion to healing and caring for others is exceptional. I have been supported by Lisa with her Reiki treatments and wellness knowledge, not to mention her human connection. What an amazing soul Lisa is. I am confident to recommend Lisa in the services that she offers. 5 stars from me. 

Lisa Fowler

Hair, Makeup & Airbrush Artist,

I felt really comfortable & at ease with Lisa, it was a great experience that I found very relaxing & it helped clear a lot of mental stress. I’ll be going back to Lisa for sure!

Liz O'Brien


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