Pisces + Selenite

Feb 21, 2019Astrological Seasons, Channels, Crystal Insights

Pisces + Selenite – February 19th – March 20th

The season of Pisces is at the end of the overall Zodiac Wheel and so we find after playing up and in the collective during Aquarius ready to come back into ourselves, our inner temple. Bringing through the understanding and greater awareness from sensing the ‘bigger picture’ in the collective consciousness – now is the time to tie up loose ends, see through something to completion and allow your system to integrate the cycle past. Now, this may be from this lifetime, or past lifetimes.  It may be a lifestyle, a pattern or even an entire paradigm ending in your field. If Pisces is strong in your chart, this may be a particularly potent and significant completion cycle for you, courageous one.

This is your opportunity to really pull through the messages that have been coming to you in your dream state and meditations that are not yet crystal clear, but that will support this completion process. Selenite is a strong ally for this process as it is the carrier of such fine, high frequency – that which resonates in the angelic realms and all with of your higher chakras. In the sometimes foggy, spacey, wandering dream space of Pisces, selenite is the clearing resonance that is the conduit between light and matter. Using selenite as a multidimensional transmitter and translator of light codes that can support your channelling and communication process with your higher self and to help clear confusion and increase insight and understanding. Selenite helps bring the highest vibrations down to Earth for us to access through our light bodies and into our cells. It is connected deeply with the Pleiades star system. The calcium component of selenite has an affinity with our bones, the storehouses of our own data from lifetimes past. This is a clue for us when we are searching for a missing piece to complete the cycle. This is the time for coming back home to ourselves.

The oceanic quality of the Piscean season invites us to feel into the limitlessness of possibility, the depth and expansiveness that opens within your heart as you go deeper, and deeper. With the influence of Neptune as the ruling planet of Pisces it can be easy to get lost in the mystery of it all as you feel yourself dissolve in the waters of the dream and the superconsciousness. Let selenite be the presence that connects your awareness with your etheric self in a way that feels true and clear so that you can with clarity bring the integrations and seeds of creation into your everyday life. Trust in the process that all is occurring upon the spiral and that the layers are moving as they need to, with you.

Gaia supports us with this process of change and reconfiguring with the equinox before moving into the new cycle of Aries (March 21st). Dear ones in the Northern Hemisphere coming into Spring time and coming out of hibernation ask yourself: what do you see now with fresh eyes? Invite selenite to be your lens of clarity. Autumn/Fall is upon those in the Southern Hemisphere, the time of taking stock and discernment: what is being harvested to keep, and what is being discarded? Enquire from your heart and use selenite as your sacred scythe.

Working with Selenite:

  • Place a piece of selenite on or at your crown chakra/third eye/heart during meditation to enhance the channel connection and clarity of messages
  • Sleep with selenite close by to enhance your dream state senses
  • Create a pyramid grid around your head while lying down with a piece at your crown and one piece above each ear to activate your pineal gland for higher self connection and insights
  • Use in crystal grid work to enhance angelic support and clarity of transmission
  • Hold a piece in your hand or both hands during meditation
  • Place selenite on your altar or sacred space to link your angelic and cosmic self with the physical realm
  • Practice crystal gazing meditation with selenite to activate and enhance your spiritual ‘visual field’/clairvoyance
  • Smooth/clear your body’s auric field with a selenite rod by hovering a few inches over the body and gently sweeping from head to toe for an energetic massage
Lisa Kotz

Lisa Kotz

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I work with spirit-led womxn (just like you!) who are ready to claim their sovereignty, lead with feminine wisdom and be of service, moving through the world with courage and discernment.

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