Deeply Feeling

Your body is a finely tuned receiver and decoder of frequency



As a Sensate, you are deeply empathic and have a large capacity to feel and emote. At times, it’s hard to determine if those emotions belong to you, or if you are picking up on someone else’s (or the collective). You are an excellent space holder and support for others. Though at times some of your boundaries get blurred and you may feel drained by the sheer weight of being the support for others and you can lose yourself.

Your Sensate magick is sensing the subtleties of situations and what people are saying between their words. Your bs detector is finely tuned and you are learning to trust it and act on it with each step you take.

Your feelings are the seat of your Personal Sovereignty Style.

Like some of your Sensate kin, in the past, you have had to armour up your heart and womb space (no matter your gender) in order to feel like it was safe to be in the world. You feel in your heart that now it is time to release that armour and expand into your radiance! What nourishes you the most is spending time in sacred spaces with like-minded ones, and getting into deep and meaningful shares.

One of your greatest desires is to live in a world where empathy and community wellbeing is highly valued and where feminine wisdom, emotional expression and intuition is honoured and celebrated.

Inner work right now

Releasing people-pleasing conditioning, trusting your inner guidance, using your voice, embracing your personal flow

Deep Wisdom Source 

Body wisdom, internal knowing, cellular memory


I act with discernment and love

Sensate Embodiment Practices

Sense how emotions feel in your body, when it expands and contracts, learn your body’s language, respond rather than react, boundary work and energetic field clearing

The Sensate may be the most dominant expression of your Personal Sovereignty Style – and of course, you are a multidimensional and uniquely incredible human too! I trust that this insight supports your expansion and growth as is your birthright.

Were you surprised by your results? Or did it highlight the parts of you that you already innately know and feel empowered by? 

I’d love to know what your Personal Self Sovereignty Style is and how it shows up in your everyday life.

Screenshot and share your results on Instagram or Facebook and be sure to use the hashtag #PersonalSovereigntyStyle so I can share and celebrate all of YOU! 

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With much love and Sovereign Radiance,

Lisa xx

Inside The Prism acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live, learn and work, the Wonnarua people. We pay our respects to ancestors and Elders past, present and emerging.

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