New Moon Clarity – Use The Cycles of the Moon to Support Your Healing Work and Life

Aug 19, 2020Cultivating Personal Power

If you are like me and work with the lunar cycles, you may find that you tend to work at a different pace and with different intensities throughout the month, as the moon moves through each quarter. If you don’t yet consciously work with the moon and are curious to learn more it’s my hope that this will help! 

If sometimes you wonder why on earth something felt really flowy and easy last week, now feels like you’re pushing shit uphill this week – the lunar energy (and your personal energy cycle) may have something to do with it. If you work with clients or patients you may notice how these cycles of peaks and troughs show up in your work too.

It took a complete disconnection from this inner wisdom and knowing resulting in major burnout to TRULY accept that I can no longer push myself through energy cycles that are clearly supporting me to REST rather than DO, as it was clearly not sustainable for my physical body. The reclamation of my Personal Sovereignty (I’m a Sensate too, BTW) was heavily supported by my reconnection to the moon and my own womb cycle. I have no doubt it will help you, too.

When I look up to the sky at night to connect with the moon, and sense where I’m at with my menstrual cycle now I am reminded that I have my own internal clock lovingly and faithfully keeping time providing me with a wave that I can ride and use to my advantage, to create, shift, move and release.  Over and over every single month. Brilliant, isn’t it? 

I am now on board with living this way, every single day. And I teach and support my clients to do the same in their lives too using menstrual cycle charting, lunar & earth cycle observations and deep reflective practices that lead to a more integrated plan and experience for their work and personal lives. 

It feels so much more natural and effortless to work with the natural systems of the earth and cosmos, and not go against the flow of nature, right? Pretty simple! But you know what, for the longest time I actually denied myself that ease! Often enough, the most powerful and potent is the most simple and obvious.

Back to the current New Moon we are moving through now – the field is ripe to tend to, pull out some weeds if needed and actually plant what it is that we want to see grow over the next cycle. 

Are there a few pesky little weeds that need to go? Pull them out and into the compost they go.

What are you calling in? What are you planting?

What vision are you holding that is emerging within you that will be brought to life?

This process requires 4 parts, in my experience.

  1. The timing and support of the New Moon phase
  2. The clear intent and desire to create the vision followed by 
  3. An action/ritual to signify your intent that is meaningful to you
  4. Trust that the process moves without you having to PUSH

And like many things, it is a practice and experiment for you to learn your own way to work with the moon and how it feels to work like this within your own body. Please know that there is nothing ‘wrong’ if you menstruate and your bleed doesn’t quite synchronise with a Full or New Moon, and this is absolutely not a barrier to working with both your womb energy and the lunar energies simultaneously. 

If you are like me – sensitive to the energy dynamics of the world and can often feel really overwhelmed by it all, and yet still you courageously desire to continue to show up for the communities we serve through our healing work, space holding and practices we need to cultivate these anchors of support and easeful ways of working for ourselves – now more than EVER before.

It’s so important to me that every womxn and femme-identifying being devoted to the healing arts and betterment of our world be supported and feel equipped and grounded no matter the external factors we are working with.

Lisa Kotz

Lisa Kotz

Life & Self-Sovereignty Coach

I work with spirit-led womxn (just like you!) who are ready to claim their sovereignty, lead with feminine wisdom and be of service, moving through the world with courage and discernment.

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