3-month 1:1 Coaching Series

Claim your personal power & confidence, connect with your inner guidance and become the leader of your own life

With Lisa Kotz, Life & Self-Sovereignty Coach

Thank you so much for your interest.
I’m taking time off in 2022 and am not offering any coaching packages right now.

Do you find yourself deferring to the opinions of others before your own, even though you know you have important wisdom to share?

Are you feeling the call to share more of yourself and your gifts & creations but are afraid of rejection, burnout or failure in the process?

Do you crave a deeper connection to your spiritual & energetic self, but don’t know what that looks like?

It seems like there are so many factors telling us to remain small, quiet and homogenous.


In line.

In our place. 

Sometimes it comes from your inner critic, others it’s from external voices in the current dominant culture.

Let’s name it: it’s the patriarchy.



As a result in the past you’ve made some average choices.

Choices around who you spent time with, were in relationship with, what you said – or didn’t say, jobs you took, or never even went for (but secretly wanted to).

Choices that you know were not aligned with your inner guidance because there was that twinge that happened inside you whispering to you it wasn’t right. And it’s bugged you ever since.

Going along with the crowd worked, for a time. It kept you ‘safe’ and under the radar. But that yearning persists for deeper connection and expression of your inner world.

But yet you know there is so much more to you and what you want to bring to the world.

I see you.

I feel you.

I’ve BEEN you.

You are feeling the call so strongly now to share your gifts, knowledge and wisdom with the world.

You are READY to step into being the leader of your own life, knowing there is way more to this physical reality and life you have experienced so far.

You have so much more to explore & share in service from your inner well of creation and knowing, in ways that only YOU know how to bring through.

This is your Sovereign birthright.

Imagine moving through the world every day with a rock-solid connection to your intuition that no matter what is happening externally, you trust yourself and back your decisions completely.

Feel the expansion and potent potential in knowing that you can access your inner well of wisdom and guidance with confidence and use it with discernment in every connection you have.

My story
  • After working for almost 20 years as a nurse and having not one, but TWO major burnout episodes I realised that a huge factor in my resentment, depression, anxiety and cynicism was the fact that I was giving away my power to the influences around me and not honouring my inner guidance and voice that was trying so desperately to guide me. I was living a life led by others within a system that perpetuated it.
  • My thinking was all about the external and I had curated a life where I thought my worth was determined on how many achievements I made, what my peers, mentors and boss thought of me and having a relationship that ticked all of society’s heteronormal prerequisites (on the outside at least). I had it ALL but I was in fact miserable, unwell and in harm’s way. The internalised patriarchal beliefs I didn’t even know I had almost claimed me.
  • The day I listened to my intuition with complete attention was when it basically SCREAMED at me and so began the process of claiming my sovereignty.  I ended an abusive marriage that day and a left toxic workplace shortly after. 
  • My desire to find out what I TRULY came here to be and do was strong. It wouldn’t let up! Finding my purpose was part of my medicine. And so I began the healing journey back to myself. Not knowing the full picture, I continued to follow my inner guidance and did the NEXT right thing that called me. I began to work with coaches, a GP, a psychologist, and energy medicine practitioners. I followed the crumbs.
  • I realised that the deep & powerful work I was already doing as a nurse by space holding, witnessing, initiating, coaching and mentoring, way-showing and empowering were all transferable to my passion of feminine mystery teachings, energy work, spellcrafting and channeling (but of course!).
  • I added to my toolkit by becoming a Reiki Master, a qualified Health Coach and an ArvigoⓇ Abdominal Therapy Practitioner (Maya Abdominal Massage & Womb Work). In 2017 Inside The Prism was born out of the transmutation of my experiences as an offering to those like you who also wish to claim their sacred self-sovereignty.

Lisa is simply INCREDIBLE – Her ability to hold you safely and connect with you deeply (and so quickly too) is an experience I’ve never felt before. Her intuitive wisdom is like no other and the way. She was able to align my energy to the exact ‘tools’ I required to this day just blows me away. Literally a match made in heaven. Lisa holds you with utter, Divine Love – which is such a delicious, yet rare, gift to receive. I can’t wait to connect again soon.

Tracey Pattison -

Self-Sovereignty Coaching is for women who are:

  • Ready to claim their unique personal power and wisdom as their birthright
  • Committed to and actively working on their personal and spiritual development
  • Serving or desire to serve others in their own business or career
  • Calling in deep and clear connection to their inner wisdom, confidence and guidance
  • Wanting to take their place as sovereign leaders of their own life
  • Desiring to learn new ways to explore and integrate their energetic self and relationship to spirit/source
  • Deeply devoted to creating a better world through service of others and the Earth
  • Committed to doing the inner work to unpack internalised biases, racism, privilege and oppressive beliefs

Self-Sovereignty Coaching is not for those who:

  • Are not ready to take personal responsibility and accountability for their actions/inaction, behaviours, thoughts and impact
  • Are not ready to claim their voice, gifts, power or sovereignty
  • Are unable to commit to the full coaching series for any reason
  • Would prefer to remain in the same circumstance and mindset
  • Are not open to working with energy, meditation, visualisation or any other spiritual development tools
  • Are not committed to unpacking internalised biases, racism, privilege or oppressive belief systems

The Self-Sovereignty Coaching journey will help you to gain…

Δ  A deeper connection to your intuition

Δ   Greater clarity on your purpose and path of service

Δ   Stronger discernment in your everyday life & work

Δ   A beautiful working relationship with your own unique style of discernment, self-sovereignty, voice and story

Δ   Confidence to express and share your gifts, skills, voice, wisdom and story with others

Δ   Increased ability to transmit inner wisdom and guidance into your work, decision making, conversations and creations

Δ   A deeper connection to and understanding of your energetic power centre and boundaries, and how to use them

Δ   Ways to grow your toolkit for your Personal Sovereignty Style and cultivation of your unique feminine leadership 


The three words I have to describe our coaching series are: held – expansive – focused.

The biggest change I have felt in myself since our coaching is my ability to witness & cherish my inner strength, empathy & integrity. I’m much more likely to follow through with my intuition instead of abdicating my power because of a lack of self trust.

I loved the guided meditations, especially during our first session. I also loved getting guidance from oracle cards. The voice messaging in between sessions was super helpful, both with my goal of sharing through my voice (your advice of listening back to myself always yielded more insights) & to feel supported through the integration process.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am deeply grateful for your guidance during our coaching series. I feel blessed to have had access to your energy & boundless wisdom. Your gift of holding space for all aspects of me (& my baby) is awe inspiring & something I am cultivating within myself. Thank you for sharing & shining your light! So much love for you sister ♥️

Noeriin Overy

Creator - SOW Seeds of Wellness

Your body is a temple space and a portal to the cosmos. This is what Lisa continues to teach me. There is a way we can merge and celebrate western and eastern medicine, science with metaphysics and Lisa is quite knowledgeable in all the areas. I invite you to receive a healing session with her. Your out-of-body experience will land inside your body and your body will translate the mysteries, helping you to get in touch with your soul’s essence. Lisa’s curiosity and impeccable space holding will have you feeling safe and nourished.

Sora Surya No -

Lisa has an ethereal energy that connects souls.  I have had the pleasure of experiencing Lisa in her work with crystals, energy and light.  Being paired with the exact crystals, energy and messages that I needed for me was an awe inspiring experience.  I felt understood and seen and once the crystals arrived it was like a piece of me had been reclaimed.

Lisa is truly a healer with deep reverence to her work and her mission.  If you have an opportunity to work with Lisa you should jump on the chance.

Maree Eddings -

My session with Lisa was extraordinary. I had a profound shift during the session and a life changing transformation in the days following the session. Thank you Lisa! You’re amazing.

Bernadette O'Connor -

Lisa Kotz holds a tangible field of heart intelligence, a nurturing and compassionate presence, and a beautiful bottomless depth. I trust her infinitely, and I believe all who come to her for wisdom, guidance and healing will be supported and held in a wondrous way.

Sarah Thomas -

What’s Included

Your 3 month one-on-one Self-Sovereign Coaching Series with Lisa Kotz includes:

  • Pre-Coaching Questionnaire
  • Complimentary Discovery Call 30 minutes via Zoom to meet each other and to ensure we both feel a full-bodied yes to journeying together for the next 3 Months
  • 6 x 1 hour one-on-one Coaching Calls via Zoom (1 call every 2 weeks) over 3 Months
  • Unlimited Virtual Sacred Container Support via Voxer (voice and text) and Email over 3 Months to support you in between your coaching calls

The Self-Sovereignty Coaching Process

Your coaching series is a bespoke experience tailored especially for you with all of your unique facets.

In our work together we will move through the coaching process by setting goals and actions that are potent for you and what you are desiring to call in, be and do.

I will bring to every session my entire toolkit of knowledge, experience, wisdom and guidance as I walk beside you in support and hold the sacred container of transformation and expansion.

We may work with tools and resources such as (but not limited to):

  • Meditation
  • Visualisation
  • Energy work
  • Altar Craft
  • Ceremony
  • Oracle Cards & Tarot
  • Stones, Crystals & Earth Medicine
  • Body & Womb Wisdom Practices
  • Lunar Energy Work
  • Archetypes


$1700 AUD for 3 months 1:1 Coaching Series

Or $585/month x 3 payments

Thank you so much for your interest.
I’m taking time off in 2022 and am not offering any coaching packages right now.


I’m ready to claim my Self-Sovereignty

The change in the air is PALPABLE right now. Can you feel it?

Now is the time to claim your personal power, bring through your inner wisdom and move through the world as your most confident, guided, sovereign self.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to have or know tech-wise to start coaching?

You need to have a stable internet connection, the Zoom app for our video coaching calls, the Voxer app for talk and text communication between our calls, and a pair of headphones if you like

When are coaching sessions available?

You will receive a private link to book your coaching sessions in, with most coaching sessions being available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays AEST. If there are no times that suit you we can work out a time that will work for us both!

How much time per week should I devote to coaching?

Our sessions will be for 1 hour every two weeks. Setting time aside in your week is so beneficial to supporting you to work through your actions steps as the series progresses. Depending on what actions you set will depend on the time needed, although many clients like to incorporate action steps into their everyday activities as a moving practice. It’s truly up to you as to how much time you wish to dedicate to your coaching work.

what is your confidentiality and privacy policy?

Before embarking on your coaching series I will send you a Coaching Agreement outlining how our coaching container will be set up including confidentiality and privacy agreements. In short, I honour and respect your privacy unwaveringly and your private information is kept secure in line with the laws governing this. 

What is the difference between life coaching and counselling?

Counselling is a specific modality designed to support people who are in need of direct and focused psychological support e.g. for dealing with trauma, crisis, deep personal health challenges, grief and loss. It is supporting people who are in the middle of dealing with a challenge that is likely at the level of disrupting their day to day function in life and is focused on the problem at hand.

Coaching is designed to be a supportive interaction between the client who wants to set goals to improve their current situation in life and/or achieve an outcome and who has the physical, emotional and mental resources to enter the coaching series and work through the actions towards the goals they set with the help and support of the coach. The main difference with coaching is that the sessions are designed to be forward-facing towards the goals and not to dwell in the past or current situation.

I don't have a business or know what my life purpose is yet. Should I still do coaching?

Absolutely. Coaching can often be the catalyst of opening up to ways of being, doing and thinking that you didn’t realise were possible before. Service to others doesn’t always have to as a business owner. You may work for a company that you are committed to (or want to transition out of!) or you may be studying and want to make a difference in the community once you complete your course. Coaching can support you on your life’s path no matter what your style of service looks like.

I'm in a different timezone/location to you. Can we still work together?

Absolutely! Thanks to the internet linking us all together, function across time and space is so much more convenient! When it’s time to book in for your coaching sessions just select your time zone and the booking times will be adjusted to reflect your location. If there doesn’t appear to be a time that suits, that’s absolutely no problem, we will work out a time that suits us both.

How do I know you are the right coach for me?

I want to support you to make the most aligned and sovereign decision for yourself when investing in a coach. When we have our free Discovery Call together you have the space and time to ask me anything about myself and my work, and how working together would look. I trust that your innate knowing will guide you to the right decision for you, and I support that 100%. Likewise, it is my job as a coach to identify I am going to be the best coach for you and your desires, dreams and goals. It would be my honour to guide you to someone more suited if I felt that was the case, no hesitations.

What are your qualifications and experience?

Certified Holistic Health Coach (IIN), Beautiful You Coaching Acadamy Life Coach in Training (Completing August 2020), Master of Nurse Education, Master of Nursing (Advanced Practice), Bachelor of Nursing, Cert IV in Training & Assessment, Grad Cert Trauma & Critical Care, Reiki Master, Arvigo Abdominal Therapist, Crystal Reiki Master

Serving fellow humans as a nurse & educator since 2001 and from Inside The Prism since 2017.


What should I expect from you as my coach?

My full devotion as a coach to you, my complete toolkit of energy medicine practices, body knowledge and innate wisdom and the solid coaching framework in which we will work. I honour you as a sovereign being able to make decisions and take action as you direct yourself AND I will also lovingly call you in if I sense you may be hiding, masking a part of yourself or avoiding showing up for yourself. You can always expect me to be honest, loving and holding you to your highest potential. I see you and I believe in you.

How do I get started in the coaching process?

The next step is to book in for a Free Discovery Call with me so we may get to know one another and talk about your goals, dreams, desires and want to you most want to get out of coaching.

From there we may begin our series together! I will send you all the information you will need to book in sessions, how to communicate with each other between sessions and how to access any resources that we may speak about during our series. 


Something's come up between our sessions and I want to share it with you, is that ok?

Absolutely!!! Yes! I’d love to witness you and support you as you are moving through your action steps whether it be a road bump or a windfall! I’m here for all of it. There will inevitably be things that crop up during the time between sessions that just can’t wait. That’s the beauty of 1:1 coaching. You have our container and my support the whole way through.

I'm not quite ready to start coaching now, but I'm interested. What do you suggest I do?

You are in the exact right place, just as you are. I completely understand when the timing might not seem quite right. I suggest jumping on a Free Discovery Call with me anyway – that way you have the chance to really talk things through and ask ALL the questions so you know you are making the best decision for you. Even if right now doesn’t feel right to start coaching, I’d still love to be able to support you with the resources, practices and other bits and bobs that I share with the Inside The Prism Community. Lets keep in touch!

Ok, I'm feeling lots of resistance and fear coming up around starting coaching, But I know want to do it. Help!?

Perfect! That means you are truly on your path because growth’s buddy is often good ol’ resistance!

I see you and your courageous heart showing up anyway. Yes. Let us welcome all parts of you that want to be seen, heard and understood so that they can be resolved and completed.

I cannot WAIT to see how your journey unfolds for you, from here on in. It’s such a privilege to walk beside you. Let’s walk together.

Do you offer payment plans or discounts?

Yes! We have monthly payment plans available for your coaching series should you prefer that. Payment can be by credit card or direct deposit via our invoicing system.

What if 3 months of coaching isn't long enough for me?

If you are coming to the completion of your 3 Month Coaching Series and you are feeling like it is just the beginning of something MAGNIFICENT because you have had major breakthroughs and are levelling up as the Sovereign Being that you are and want to keep on coaching, that is absolutely a possibility! I’d love to continue to support you for another coaching series.

Timing and availability of coaching spots will just depend on the current client schedule and of course what you would like to achieve and transform within our future series together. How exciting!

It is my honour…

to help you share your innate gifts and wisdom with confidence and clarity,

deepen your connection with your energetic and spiritual sovereign self


bring through your inner guidance and knowing every day with discernment, grace and trust.

Are you ready to claim your sovereignty and become the leader of your own life?

I can’t wait to walk beside you!

Lisa xx

Thank you so much for your interest.
I’m taking time off in 2022 and am not offering any coaching packages right now.

Inside The Prism acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live, learn and work, the Wonnarua people. We pay our respects to ancestors and Elders past, present and emerging.

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