Leo + Fluorite

Jul 23, 2019Astrological Seasons, Channels, Crystal Insights

Leo + Fluorite – July 23rd – August 22nd

In the season of Leo, typically the energy is ripe for the overt creative expression, flair and drama of what has been boiling over your inner fire both from the shadow and the light. But this season has a quality to it that sees this creative expression elevating to new heights – more than what is external. This is the season for the Integrated Leo in us all.

Having been riding and anchoring the waves of energy flowing in and through us from cosmic sources aiding in the creation of the New Earth, isn’t it time we let out hair today and celebrate the great work we have all been doing? Put on your shiniest accessories and allow yourself time to play and revel in all that we are co-creating for the ascension of all beings on Gaia! As sovereign beings of Light we can do both things at once – hold the weight of responsibility for the work we are doing in service as well as celebrating and having FUN at the same time! There doesn’t have to be one to the exclusion of the other.

The discomfort of challenges we are facing at this time though, should not be bypassed for what may be shimmering, aesthetically desirable and ego-serving in the short term either – as can be the temptation of the unintegrated Leo energy. Allow the Sun to illuminate what has always been there lurking in the shadows and know that this is the process we are all stepping through, both shadows within ourselves and that of the collective. We have the opportunity every day to step even more graciously into our sovereignty as Light carriers by the decisions we make and the vibration that we choose to cultivate and hold in our hearts.

Leo asks us to notice what is being illuminated right now in yourself, your field and in your community? Do you have the courage to get out of your own head (ego/personality) and let your heart lead the way through? Can you take courageous, compassionate action from this place?

Fluorite came forth for this current Leo season to offer the stabilising energy between the head and the heart. Fluorite has a strong air element affinity and so with astute precision can stoke the flames of Leo in just the right way to allow the passion, ideas and drive of the fire to come through into cohesive, productive and integrated action on the physical plane. Fluorite can present in multiple colours, sometimes within the same specimen. Some pieces are stunningly beautiful, multicoloured with purples, greens, whites and blues all within the same small area, but all contributing to the whole. This facilitates a multidimensional quality unique to Fluorite which communicates so efficiently from the quantum state through our chakras into our third dimensional forms. It offers itself as the stone to connect the mind and heart, working together to make balanced, aligned choices for the highest and best outcome of all beings. Fluorite also clears the mental field and dissolves dissonance associated with confusion, fear of the future, looping emotional patterning and dishonesty.

How Fluorite can support you in Leo season

  • Assist in the process when separating self-perception/ego & self-worth and teaches the value of all parts contributing to the higher goal
  • Bridges and aligns the mind and heart energies
  • Dissolves dissonant vibrations that act as a barrier to your purpose and light work

Working with Fluorite

  • Create your own mantra/affirmation proclaiming your sovereignty as a being of Light aligning all parts of you for the highest and best. Make your affirmation into a regular spiritual practice using Fluorite as anchor piece either by holding it in your hand while you affirm out loud, or as an altar piece where you may do this practice. Invite in and give gratitude to Benevolent Beings, Guides and the Sun that are all have your back. Allow Fluorite to support you in all that is seen and unseen. Trust that it is true, right and done.


Lisa Kotz

Lisa Kotz

Life & Self-Sovereignty Coach

I work with spirit-led womxn (just like you!) who are ready to claim their sovereignty, lead with feminine wisdom and be of service, moving through the world with courage and discernment.

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