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About Lisa

My journey of learning, service & growth

Hello, I’m Lisa!

I am passionate about helping others to AWAKEN and experience their own innate power to create a life of health, wholeness, freedom, and deep heart-centred joy.

I use with the healing modalities of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and the energy medicine of Reiki combined with my knowledge & experience of over 18 years in healthcare.

I work with people who are on a journey of awakening and RECONNECTING back to themselves. People who are evolving themselves to better know who they truly are and experience themselves in health and vitality once again.

I work with souls who are answering the call to help raise the collective vibration on Earth, starting within their own body.

People just like you who are desiring to live an embodied, healthy and HEART-CENTRED life. I can help you to reconnect with yourself and source energy through your physical body, aligning and balancing along the way. This is holistic health in the truest sense.

My work with you can help open you to tap into your body’s wisdom, and innate healing ability by reestablishing optimal function of your internal organs, blood flow, lymph, nerve and energy flow as well.

Specifically, Arvigo® Therapy supports conditions relating to digestion, irregular and painful menstruation, endometriosis, enhances fertility and healthy menstrual cycles and much more. You can read more about Arvigo® here. 

Reiki is an energy healing modality that assists in clearing and repairing the body’s energy field and life force/chi/prana. Our life force is the drive behind all that we are and the function of every single cell in our body. 

My Story

Young Lisa

I knew early on that I was a sensitive, intuitive and empathic being. I have always seen the potential in others before they even realised it themselves. I felt everything (still do). The energy of every thought, emotion and intention swirling around me as a child. I just figured this is what it was like for everyone. Most of the time it was confusing as what I felt did not always match what people said or what I saw.  I was fascinated with how nature worked and found learning about the human body in biology class came naturally to me. Books on psychology, religious traditions of the world, spirituality and rituals about death and dying filled my shelves.

As much as I was immersed studying cells and systems I was constantly dreaming and pondering life as I knew it and what the hell we are actually all doing here! Star gazing. Journaling. Living in my own internal world. Hearing whispers from trees, on the wind and coming from my heart. Things I learnt about the world didn’t seem to add up to me, but at that time I believed what elders and society taught me, and on I continued. Unconsciously I packed away my intuition as it was at odds with what I was being told in order to try and fit in, to be ‘successful’ and ‘achieve’. I medicated my menstrual cycle to make it conform to my lifestyle as I was prescribed and didn’t think anything of it.

Nurse Life

At age 18 I started nursing. This was the initiation and catalyst for all that I am and know today. My approach has always been soft but fiercely loving with keen observation and a sense of fulfilment growing with every year that passed. Professionally I allowed by intuition to blossom and goddess knows it has served me very, very well. But personally, emotionally I had locked the essence of myself away so tightly, I had almost forgotten who she was and what she stood for. And still it felt safer like that.

My career was developing at a cracking pace – fuelled by my overworked nervous system being in constant hyper-aware stress-mode. I rose to being a leader in a big metropolitan trauma Intensive Care Unit. The work was paradoxically hard, but so deeply, deeply fulfilling and empowering. The work we did everyday was helping people through what was often the worst days of their life. Holding together broken bodies. Supporting people on the edge of life. And quietly, I was so anxious, depressed and barely inhabiting my body.

Health care management moved things forward like a steam train and didn’t appear to pay mind to those who where trying to support the system and care for patients at the same time but were dropping off with stress, self-medication and even suicide. There was and still is a massive disconnect in health care in this area. There is also a great divide between how ‘holistic, person-centred care’ is practised in hospital versus what I know it needs to be.

Cracking Open

This was at complete odds with everything I had ever learned and striven for. It all became acutely apparent as I realised I was not healthy. My heart was completely numb. My womb had gone into hibernation. My adrenal system was burnt out. My outlook was negative and bleak at best. I was hurting. There was much stagnation in my body and in my field.

Something had to change. And holy wow it did.

Like a lightning flash, I was given the choice to take back my power as a self-determining being and to reconnect with the essence of who I am, what I stand for and am here to do. And so I took it.

I ended my abusive marriage. I left that workplace. And so began the conscious journey of healing myself, of reconnecting with my body and releasing belief patterns and conditioning that kept me small and afraid.

My spirituality has been my compass and what led me to find my teachers, mentors and guides. My intuition nudged me towards Reiki and Argivo® Therapy, and eventually to start my own healing practice. I am still on the path of self-discovery and healing as it is never-ending but what I do know for certain is that my body is wise and communicates with me in every moment, steering me to balance and alignment.

Evolution & Sovereignty

What patients, clients and my own journey have taught me is that with clear, informed options and an open and supportive, guide a space opens up. This space is a place where expansion occurs and movement is allowed. It is our birthright to have choice in how, when and were we receive health care and healing and to receive it in a respectful, loving and honouring way. Unless we know ALL the options, we can’t make informed choices. There is no one right way or method for your healing. One way should not be shunned to make way for another.

Healing goals can only be defined by you. You have the right to change your mind and change the course. Always. When we know what is available to us and listen to our intuition for what we need in that moment we can be strong advocates for ourselves. This is how change will happen.

What I Believe


  • You are already whole and complete, you don’t need ‘fixing’. You aren’t broken.
  • Within your cells the blueprint for your most radiant self exists, however there may be layers of imbalance and limiting programs shrouding it from expressing.
  • Your body is innately wise and can heal itself – we need to re-learn to listen and support it.
  • There is SO much more to you than you have been lead to believe. This includes the non-physical parts of you.
  • Providing healing and health care is a sacred act of devotion and service.
  • Conventional Western medicine and traditional healing methods can and should to work TOGETHER. You are in charge of your experience.
  • Sovereignty over your body should be solely YOURS. It is up to us to reclaim the knowledge and wisdom of our bodies as vessels for our spirit on Earth. Your body is sacred.
  • Earth, the Great Mother: the natural world and all Her kingdoms are here to guide, teach, heal, support and provide for us. She is our biggest champion!
  • The future is living fully, freely and radiantly from the prism of your heart. This is the way back home. It starts within you.

Professional Biography


Lisa Kotz is an intuitive healer, Arvigo® Therapist, Reiki Master, claircognisant and clairsentient Lemurian Priestess. Lisa is also an intensive care nurse and is an experienced nurse educator and mentor. Her life’s work is devoted to supporting the healing journey of others.

She believes the key to health starts with reconnecting with our body and emotions by learning to understand their messages and using tools and knowledge to support the body’s optimal state of being.

Lisa has a special gift of holding sacred space for others to guide multidimensional healing, learning, transformation and evolution both in her private  healing sessions with clients and her professional nursing practice.

She is passionate about embodying compassion, empathy and love whilst maintaining discernment and honouring her personal sovereignty and teaching others to do the same.

Lisa’s work on Earth during this time of shift and evolution is to support the alignment of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies in order to live fully and freely from our hearts.

Education & Lineage

  • Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy Practitioner
  • Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui lineage, Tanran tradition)
  • Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Master of Nursing (Advanced Practice)
  • Master of Nurse Education
  • Grad Cert in Trauma and Critical Care
  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment


  • Cancer Sun / Aries Rising / Pisces Moon
  • Soul Lineage – Pleiadian, Venusian, Lemurian
  • Ancestral Lineage – Anglo-Celtic & Central European
  • INFJ
  • Certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Beautiful You Coaching Academy – Life Coach In Training
  • Lemurian School of Remembering – Leadership Alumni
  • Manifesting Generator


Your body is a temple space and a portal to the cosmos. This is what Lisa continues to teach me. There is a way we can merge and celebrate western and eastern medicine, science with metaphysics and Lisa is quite knowledgeable in all the areas. I invite you to receive a healing session with her. Your out-of-body experience will land inside your body and your body will translate the mysteries, helping you to get in touch with your soul’s essence. Lisa’s curiosity and impeccable space holding will have you feeling safe and nourished.

Sora Surya No

Lisa Kotz holds a tangible field of heart intelligence, a nurturing and compassionate presence, and a beautiful bottomless depth. I trust her infinitely, and I believe all who come to her for wisdom, guidance and healing will be supported and held in a wondrous way.

Sarah Thomas

Lisa Kotz is an authentic, strong, insightful woman. Her devotion to healing and caring for others is exceptional. I have been supported by Lisa with her Reiki treatments and wellness knowledge, not to mention her human connection. What an amazing soul Lisa is. I am confident to recommend Lisa in the services that she offers. 5 stars from me.

Lisa Fowler

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