Lisa Kotz

Arvigo® Abdominal Therapist – Reiki Master

Thank you for being here!

The year 2020 is ushering in change for Inside The Prism. I’m taking a break from 1:1 sessions whilst the Prismatic Temple Space is being renovated and transformed.

2020 is the year where I am called to share more stories, more insights and knowledge. I am excited to share with you channeled messages & blogs while I take some time to study with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy!

I’d love to stay in touch with you as well – you can find me on Instagram @lisackotz

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Inside The Prism

Philosophy of Prismatic Health

We are more than just our physical body.

To reclaim your health is to reclaim all of who you are.

Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Energetically. The entire spectrum of the Prism that you are.

A true holistic approach to health and wellbeing treats you in your WHOLENESS – in all ways, always.

And to have that honoured by ALL you choose to assist you on your journey.

I honour you as a sovereign being in charge of your own experience of healing.

I am here to guide you, teach you how to use tools, provide the healing methods I have learned, and to walk beside you as you experience greater health and vitality.


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